Naturally Relieve Back Pain In Seconds

Kailo is a patented, clinically proven pain patch that is revolutionizing the way experts look at and treat back pain. If you’ve tried everything to relieve your pain and nothing has worked (or you’re tired of taking pills), then Kailo is for you!

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The Revolutionary Nanotech Patch That Relieves Back Pain

Natural pain relief has never been this simple, effective, or affordable.


How It Works

When you experience back pain, it’s typically the result of electrical signals being sent from the location of the pain to your brain. The worse the pain, the stronger the signal.

Kailo’s nanocapacitors communicate directly with the brain’s electrical system, telling it to “turn down the volume” of the pain signal. This allows your brain to send help to your back, reducing the pain immediately.

Kailo is all natural and doesn’t use medicine or drugs, so you’ll feel amazing relief completely free from side effects.


Fast, Natural Relief!

When your back pain flares up, just stick Kailo directly above the affected area to interrupt the pain signals. Within moments, you’ll feel the pain ease away.

Unlike drugs, the Kailo patch is non-transdermal (which means no chemicals or medicine enters your body) and is made with 100% naturally occurring elements.

Kailo has zero side effects and can be worn every single day.


Works Wonders On Common Back Injuries

Whether your back pain stems from a strained ligament, worn cartilage or arthritis, Kailo can help you find relief.

Because backs are so complex, conventional treatment offers few options – which may include surgery, drug dependence or a lifetime of pain. Kailo offers fast acting relief that will give you your life back.

Reliable Relief When You Need It Most


Kailo can be worn in the shower and in the pool or ocean without losing stickiness or falling off.

Lasts For Years

Kailo doesn’t use a battery or require charging. It can be worn every day without losing effectiveness. Just replace the adhesive after 3-7 days of continued use. No other pain relief product offers so much value for a one-time purchase!

Works Virtually Anywhere

Use Kailo on other sources of pain and you’ll be amazed! Simply place it on your head, neck, shoulder, back, hip, hand, foot, and more – and watch as the pain quickly subsides.

Over 1 Million Customers Love Kailo…

5.0 star rating
Verified Buyer

Nothing else has worked for me

I have had chronic back pain for 4 years. I've been on meds for a year and a half and because of the current climate regarding opioids my doc now wants me to stop taking my meds...with no other pain relief option offered, I bought this patch. IT IS AMAZING. Nothing else has worked for me but this significantly reduced my pain. It does not completely remove the pain so don't expect that. But it reduced it enough that I can play with my kids, mow the lawn, work, essentially be a normal human being without medication. The biggest improvement has been my sleep. The pain usually wakes me at night but hasn't since starting to wear this. It is large and it is stiff as another review mentioned so it's kind of hard to position comfortably. I wholeheartedly recommend this product if you are in pain... It helps.

5.0 star rating
Verified Buyer

A pain product that actually works.

I purchased this for my wife who was having lower back sciatic nerve pain. As soon as she put it on she experienced a warm tingling sensation and her pain began to subside. The next day she was no longer limping. She wore it for two weeks and now her pain is completely gone.

I don't know if this will work for everyone but it certainly did for my wife. I would definitely purchase again and would recommend it.

5.0 star rating
Alisa N.‎
Verified Buyer

It's a Miracle

Because of the quarantine, I have been unable to swim, which is the only exercise that keeps my back pain in check. I suffer from a failed back fusion. The more time that goes on without swimming, the worse my pain becomes. I have been suffering a constant back pain level of 6-7 for several days wondering to myself how I was going to go on like this! I saw the Kailo ad and thought to myself yeah right. But willing to give anything a try and fully expecting to return my order for a refund, I gave it a try. I cannot describe to you the feeling of "it's a miracle" that went through me as my daughter placed the patch in the right spot! I got up and walked around in disbelief! Tears of joy started to flow as I realized my pain went from a 6 to a 1. My pain was pretty much gone! Kailo patches are the real deal! They truly work exactly as advertised. I'm considering buying a whole bunch more of the patches and adhesives just in case this company disappears. Kailo patches are the rare exception to the rule of it seems too good to be true it usually is. They are the real deal for pain relief.

5.0 star rating
Michael L.‎
Verified Buyer

It's Given Me Amazing Relief

It took me about 3 minutes before I found a good spot on my upper back. The pain went away within seconds. I have been suffering from daily muscle spasms and tightening that was so painful. This would happen daily when I walked for more than a couple of minutes and when I would lie down to sleep. This has gone on for over 4 years . MRI’s , X Rays, chiropractor, massage therapy, orthopedist. I have tried everything and still ..pain. I have told several people about this product and I have no doubt that they will be ordering from you. Thank you so much for developing this amazing technology and delivering it at a reasonable price!!

Kailo Is Easy To Use

Works right out of the box – anyone can do it!

step 1

Place Kailo at the source of your pain

step 2

Move it around slowly till you find the perfect spot

step 3

Stick it on and enjoy the relief!


Clinical Study Results Are In - And They're Amazing!

99% of patients felt pain relief with Kailo within 10 minutes of using it
Significant improvement in walking, mood, sleep, activity, and relationships.
98% of patients found Kailo “easy to apply” and “convenient”
100% of patients stopped prescription medication after using Kailo for pain relief

“The interim results from the IRB-approved study demonstrated that patients who used Kailo over a period of 30 days showed a vast reduction of their pain severity levels.

They experienced a better quality of life, improved function, were very satisfied with the Kailo Pain Patch, and preferred the patch over oral pain medications.

With the increased focus on identifying alternative therapies for patients in pain that clinicians and consumers can turn to, the use and ongoing research of novel approaches, including the non-drug, and nanotechnology-based Kailo patch, seems to have a very positive effect on patients who are experiencing mild, moderate, and chronic pain.”

Jeffrey Gudin MD,
Principal Investigator

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Try Kailo risk-free and if you don’t love it, we’ll fix it.

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your Kailo patch, you can easily return it, hassle-free!

Made In The USA

Kailo is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the beautiful state of Utah.

Free, Fast Shipping in the USA

We also provide fast shipping to over 100 countries.

Quality Promise

We control every step of the process and test every patch to ensure a safe and high-quality product.

World Class Customer Support

They’re real humans, they’re quick, and they actually like talking to you

Mission Driven

Our mission is to help millions of people live a pain-free life without drugs or medication.


Every Kailo Bundle Includes:

    Reusable and lasts for years
    a protective felt pocket featuring a sleeve in the front for your Kailo and a sleeve on the back to store extra adhesives.
    Can be removed and reapplied to your skin multiple times before losing its stick. Additional adhesives available at checkout.

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